Simpsons, The - Bartman Meets Radioactive Man (U) [!]

Pro Action Replay Codes:
Infinite Health - 00DD84:14
Infinite Lives - 00C1DB:09 -Rune
Invulnerability - 00C169:08

Game Genie Codes:
Invulnerability - 00F-84F-4CF
Infinite lives - 004-E5E-3B7 -Galoob
Infinite energy - 000-02C-F7A -Galoob
Start with mega-energy - 011-56C-B3A -Galoob
One hit and you're invincible - 00F-93F-3BE -Galoob
Don't flash after getting hit - 010-20C-C4A -Galoob
Longer flash after getting hit - 190-20C-C4A -Galoob
Most enemies can't even touch you - C9F-C3D-082 -Galoob
Infinite laser bolts on pick-up - 002-36C-19E -Galoob


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