Slider (U)

Also Known As: Skweek (J) [!]

Pro Action Replay Codes:
Infinite Time - 00C354:63 -Mez
Infinite Time - 00C353:64 -Rune
Get 1 Tile To Beat Level - 00C342:01 -Rune
Infinite Lives - 00C397:09 -Rune
Infinite Continues - 00C371:09 -Rune

Game Genie Codes:
Start with 3 lives - 023-46F-F7A -Galoob
Start with 8 lives - 073-46F-F7A -Galoob
Start with 12 lives - 0B3-46F-F7A -Galoob
Infinite lives - 007-01F-19E -Galoob
Infinite time (ignore counter) - 00B-F6E-E65 -Galoob

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