Super Off-Road (U)

Also Known As: Super Off Road

Pro Action Replay Codes:
P1 Has Infinite Nitros - 00C203:99 -Rune
P2 Has No Nitros - 00C238:00 -Rune
P3 Has No Nitros - 00C26D:00 -Rune
P4 Has No Nitros - 00C2A2:00 -Rune
Infinite Cash - 00D03E:35 -Rune
Infinite Cash [Alternate Code] - 00D03F:09 -Rid
Accelerator Stuck Down, Achieve Nitro Speed, Turns - 00C21B:FF -Rid
Permanent Nitro Speed With No Brakes, Car Can Boun - 00C21E:FF -Rid

Game Genie Codes:
Start with 5 nitros - 05A-D8F-80E -Galoob
Start with 10 nitros - 0AA-D8F-80E -Galoob
Start with 15 nitros - 0FA-D8F-80E -Galoob
Infinite nitros - 215-B0C-91D -Galoob
Almost infinite money - 001-98B-A2C -Galoob
Infinite time--ignore counter - 004-50E-A22 -Galoob


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