Streets of Rage II (U) [!]

Also Known As: Bare Knuckle II - Shitou heno Chingonka

Pro Action Replay Codes:
Infinite Lives - 00C9A6:09 -Rune
Infinite Energy - 00C986:17 -Datel

Game Genie Codes:
Start with only 1 life - 012-BEF-E66 -Galoob
Start with 6 lives - 062-BEF-E66 -Galoob
Start with 9 lives - 092-BEF-E66 -Galoob
Infinite lives - 218-15C-91D -Galoob
Start 1st life with only 1/2 energy - 0BE-F79-B36 -Galoob
Start 1st life with 2x energy - 3CE-F79-B36 -Galoob
Infinite energy - 21A-FBC-91D -Galoob
Infinite time - 00A-05B-E6E -Galoob
Start on stage 2 - 012-C3F-E6E + 832-C5F-F74 -Galoob
Start on stage 3 - 022-C3F-E6E + 832-C5F-F74 -Galoob
Start on stage 4 - 032-C3F-E6E + 832-C5F-F74 -Galoob
Start on stage 5 - 042-C3F-E6E + 832-C5F-F74 -Galoob
Start on stage 6 - 052-C3F-E6E + 832-C5F-F74 -Galoob
Mega-power attacks - 3E8-83A-91D + 098-84A-193 + 008-85A-E6F -Galoob
Acess stage select and damage options - 056-904-F76 -Hybrid
highlight exit press left or right to select your starting stage
press down press down then left or right to turn on and off damage


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