World Cup Soccer (U) [!]

Also Known As: Kick & Rush (J)

Action Replay codes:
CPU Opponent Never Scores - 00D135:00

Game Genie codes:
Infinite time--switch on to freeze time - 002 D4C 19 -Galoob
1 min. per half - 002-6DC-F7A + 012-6EC-F7E -Galoob
5 mins. per half - 002-6DC-F7A + 052-6EC-F7E -Galoob
60 mins. per half - 062-6DC-F7A + 002-6EC-F7E -Galoob

World Cup Mode Codes:
Start with 43 points to use on the edit screen - 3EF-2BE-082 + 00F-2DE-E6D -Galoob

Exhibition Mode Only:
Start with only 10 points on edit screen - 0AF-21E-B3A -Galoob
Start with 50 points on edit screen - 2AF-21E-B3A -Galoob
Start with 60 points on edit screen - 3CF-21E-B3A -Galoob
Infinite points on edit screen - 001-21D-19E -Galoob

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