Vampire - Master of Darkness (U) [!]

Also Known As: Master of Darkness

Pro Action Replay Codes:
Invulnerability - 00CA3C:36
Infinite Lives - 00DFBA:09 -Datel
Infinite Energy - 00CA3A:20 -Datel
Infinite Time (One's Digit) - 00DFC3:09 -Rune
Infinite Time (Ten's Digit) - 00DFC4:09 -Rune
Infinite Time (Hundred's Digit) - 00DFC5:09 -Rune

Game Genie Codes:
Invulnerability - B65-F1B-3B4
Infinite time - 00B-3AB-E6E -Galoob
Start with 2 lives - 022-727-E66 -Galoob
Start with 7 lives - 072-727-E66 -Galoob
Start with 9 lives - 092-727-E66 -Galoob
Infinite energy--switch off codes if you get stuck - 3A7-02B-2A2 -Galoob
Infinite lives - 3A1-2AE-2A2 -Galoob
Infinite ammo for special weapons - 3A3-23D-2A2 -Galoob
Die and get special weapons given to you - 3C1-32E-5D4 -Galoob
Don't lose special weapons after dying - 211-36E-2A2 + 211-39E-2A2 -Galoob
Invincibility - 3E6-FFB-2AA + 207-00B-E6E + 007-01B-5D4 -Galoob


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