World Series Baseball '95 (U) [!]

Also Known As: Nomo Hideo no World Series Baseball (J)

Nomo's World Series Baseball (J)
Game Genie Codes:
Outs not counted--except strikeouts - 009-76C-19A -Galoob
Can't walk - 00A-C1E-19A -Galoob
1 ball and you walk - 01A-C3E-F7A -Galoob
6 balls and you walk - 06A-C3E-F7A -Galoob
9 balls and you walk - 09A-C3E-F7A -Galoob
No strikeouts - 00A-37E-19A -Galoob
1 strike and you're out - 01A-39E-E66 -Galoob
6 strikes and you're out - 06A-39E-E66 -Galoob
9 strikes and you're out - 09A-39E-E66 -Galoob

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